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Solar Energy Camp Xmas 2022

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Zero to Hero Activity English STEM Solar Energy Camp Batch3 at Wnagdum Mountain Camp : 3 days 2 nights (17th - 19th December 2022)
👉🏻 Registration opens for campers between the ages 6-15 years to STEM Solar Energy Camp Batch3 (Bilingual Solar Energy Camp) at Wangdum Mountain Camp, Kanchanaburi Province
17th-19th December 2022 (3 days 2 nights)
•Practice Engineer Design Process skills to apply solar energy in daily life and logically solve problems
•Earn Certificate after completing the camp
•Create Copenhagen Solar Cooking for learning STEM
•Learn how to cook rice and make steamed eggs from solar energy.
•Learn how to make sundial and sun glasses
•Design and Build a solar powered car for solar racing
•Learn stargazing to help them when they get lost into the ocean or woods
•Marshmallow Roasting BBQ Camping
•Learning Solar Energy beyond the classroom with 5 Solar Energy Stations that campers will enjoy (Solar Cooking, Solar Art, Solar water siphon filtration, Solar Racing and UV Heating)
•Walk Rally Solar Energy RC
•Use Design thinking to build a raft
👉 Open up new experiences and meet new friends
📍Apply Now, limited places!
💕Only 6,500 Baht
Posted : 02/12/2022 2:42 pm
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