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Odyssey Theatre run a drama group every Friday evening 5:30 - 7pm located at the Horseshoe Point out by Lake Mabprachan.  Ages 11-16

The classes are organised into terms, 3 terms per year.  Whilst the group work towards an end of term production the classes are not just about this.

The group classes are a fun way to explore drama techniques, socialise with new friends, boost confidence and practise those all important speaking and presentation skills.


Contact Mark on +66 923 500 932, email : support@odysseytheatre.org.uk

Alternatively ask your questions here on this thread and hear from other families who have kids already attending.

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Posted : 08/11/2022 8:47 am
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My daughter loves Friday evenings because of drama. She has been attending for a few terms now and enjoys meeting up with other kids who are not from her school.

They are working on a play right now so she has some lines to learn which I am helping her with.

As a family the location of Horseshoe Point works well because we can then pop in for dinner at Route 66 or Taco House for a Friday night dinner 🙂

Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 10/11/2022 10:35 am
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