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Get Plogging!

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Have you heard of plogging?  It's the activity of walking or jogging whilst picking up trash.
We have been doing this as a family for a long time - long before I knew it had a name!

We take our dogs for beach walks and decided to pick up trash as a nice thing to do along the way. There is always trash to collect here in Pattaya!

I purchased some fold-able litter picker sticks from Lazada (see photo below), and I keep a roll of trash bags in the car. It's actually quite fun, you keep your hands clean by using the sticks and we have had plenty of Thai's taking our photos during our plogging sessions!

I wanted to post this here because I think it's a great activity you can do as families, and even in meet-up groups. It's easy to make a competition out of it too if that's what keeps the fun in the exercise for all involved.  A simple weighing scale (the kind used for luggage) could measure the weight of the bag if the goal is that the heaviest bag wins.  Or a stop clock for who can fill a bag the quickest etc.

This activity works on so many levels, you feel good about contributing to keeping Pattaya clean, good exercise, time with family, competition, community contribution, good for all ages and of course being in the Great Outdoors rather than home watching Netflix!

Maybe we could set up some Pattaya Plogging Meet-ups?...


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Posted : 30/11/2022 9:16 am
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Super idea!

I'm ordering those litter grabbers right now! How handy they can fold up and be put in a bag. Love it!

Thanks for sharing your super idea Sarahjayne🤩

Posted : 30/11/2022 9:57 am