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Hydroponic farm - great family visit

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Show your children how hydroponic farming works!

Kun Ying Hydroponic farm is located near the Silverlake area.
I have been getting my lettuce from here for years and the place has expanded in many ways. It is now a great place to take your kids and show them how the hydroponic system works.  It's not just lettuce they sell, they have cucumbers, lady's fingers, kale, tomatoes, mulberries, duck eggs and a lovely selection of pastries, ice creams, coffees and drinks and delicious meals.

You can sit in the air conditioned area or the outdoor area and feed the ducks as you recline in the chairs around the lake. You are free to mooch around the farm and observe all that is growing. 
The lake is the centre point and the confident and always hungry ducks and geese are a pleasure to feed and observe. Kids love feeding the ducks!

It's not a large place and thus 1 hour is plenty time to look around, take in a drink and buy some produce.

It is a delightful rural charming place to bring the children to, or to add on to your cycle route as this is a popular cycling area. 
Anyone looking for a quiet coffee place to meet up at will find this place a hidden gem!

Here is the Google Maps Link:


Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 11/12/2022 9:39 am
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