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Xmas Fair

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Are there any Xmas fairs going on this year? 

Posted : 10/11/2022 12:19 pm
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PILC usually run a Xmas bazaar, but this year its a mini one held at the Hilton.


Xmas Lunch 2022 🍾 

Join PILC for a Silver and White Christmas at the Hilton Hotel, Beach Road to celebrate on Tuesday December 6, 2022 from 10.30am with a Mini Christmas Bazaar, open to all shoppers!

Lunch will include the full Turkey and Christmas Pudding experience, as part of an extensive International Buffet Menu to commence at 12.00.

There will be plenty of bubbles and wine on the tables, music to swing along to with the wonderful company of your Friends and Guests.

Lunch cost: PILC Members 1500Bt,     Guest Ladies and Gentlemen 1700 Bt

To book your ticket/table please email Sue at (Please use the link) or see one of the Committee members at the Royal Varuna coffee morning.

Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 10/11/2022 3:31 pm