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Best Xmas cookies available now!

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Not only do these cookies look fantastically festive they taste delicious too! Of course they do, they are made by Au Bon Pain.

We buy these every year and discovered they have a very long shelf life...they will easily take you up to Xmas and beyond.

I bought my stash at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital branch but will pick up some more at Little Walk branch

Posted : 29/11/2022 6:57 am
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Great info.  Just nabbed 8 for the family this morning, came home and had one with a cup of coffee - delicious!
They are very big and quite rich, really just the head of the snowman was enough for my mid morning snack.  Now I have a snowman body as part of the set too 🙂
Thanks for sharing the info!

Posted : 29/11/2022 11:09 am
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there goes the keto......bye bye! 🙂

Posted : 29/11/2022 11:46 am
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They are 95 baht per cookie. The Gingerbread men are 85 baht.

Posted : 06/12/2022 12:01 pm