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Christmas Advent Calendars

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I noticed the shops usually run out fast.

They have some Dairy Milk ones at Villa (Little Walk), and Lindt ones at Market Hall in Central.

Haven't been to H&M yet but for the past few years have bought my daughters ones from there. Each day is a little jewellery item. Great for teens and of course doesn't melt!

Posted : 16/11/2022 9:19 am
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Haven't seen (or looked) for the H&M ones...what a great idea!

Has anyone seen any non-chocolate advents? Maybe gummies or jelly bean types? We don't have aircon in our family room and so chocolate ones just melt!

Posted : 16/11/2022 11:42 am
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Found a non-melting advent!

Swizzler candy sweet selection.  Just bought at Siamsburi, 299baht.  They had about 8 boxes out in the store - not sure if they have more out back.


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Posted : 21/11/2022 3:45 pm
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