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Group Xmas shopping trip to IKEA & Mega Bang Na

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Looking for 6-8 parents to join on a Xmas shopping trip to Mega Bang Na.

Mega Bang Na on the outskirts of Bangkok is a very large mall and contains the one and only IKEA in Thailand.
It's a great place for some Xmas shopping. IKEA in particular has wrapping paper, decorations, tableware, candles and much more.
The attached mall has the usual high street places (Zara, H&M, CPS, Jaspal etc), also a Central Shopping mall, lots of boutique stores and stall and plenty of 'Moshi Moshi' type places which are great for innovative little stocking fillers.
Not to forget there are a zillion places to eat there too!

It's a hassle to drive up to Mega Bang Na, especially for parents who are not so confident on the road. Plus it's better to car pool when we can!

I have asked my taxi company for a quote to hire a luxury mini van for the round trip.  He quoted 4,800baht for 8-9 passengers.
I suggest we keep it to 8 max and thus each ticket will cost 600baht - maybe a bit more if we only have 6 passengers.

I suggest a mid-week trip, leave at around 9am (IKEA opens at 10am) and depart Mega Bang Na around 2pm? 

Meeting point could be at Little Walk, Starbucks...?

We could even squeeze in 2 or 3 trips before Xmas if there is enough interest...

Please share your thoughts about this idea below.


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Posted : 28/11/2022 10:35 am
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This this is a great idea ? I am guessing it will pick up / drop off in Pattaya / Sukhumvit area ? 

Following to see , sorry can't commit right now 🤔


Posted : 28/11/2022 1:22 pm
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