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I'm going to create a sticky post for all info about home help....maids, gardeners, housekeepers, cleaners, nannies etc. 😎 ❤️ 🌻 ☕ 

Where to find, how much to pay, hours to work, how to deal with conflicts, legal issues, safety - basically all related questions and information we need when hiring extra help.

Please add any info or advice (or questions) you have as a reply to this topic.  Relevant information will be added to the sticky so that it is easy to find for any member or viewer.


Posted : 18/11/2022 9:05 am
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Just our 2 cents worth to help get the topic started.
Mostly Thai people like to work full time. We found it very difficult to find a part-time helper. At first we didn't really want someone to come every day. Then we moved to a bigger house and it worked out fine to have some help everyday.  Our maid works 9am - 3pm. She offered to work more hours but we really prefer to have our home to ourselves - hence we never want her to work weekends either.

The minimum wage is 400baht per day, so 5 days a week is 8k per a minimum - or 9,600baht for 6 days.
We pay 600baht per day because our maid has been with us for 3 years.

When we were looking for a part time help (3 years ago) we tried various agencies but they were all very expensive (approx 2k baht per day) and then when we tried them they were not that great tbh.  We were in Bangkok then though. We have no experience with agencies in Pattaya.

We also hire a gardener/handy man who comes 5 days per week at 700baht per day. He is invaluable and solves so many house and garden problems that pop up!

We have never had an issue with theft or conflicts.  We took photos of each employee's ID card, but have never had any issue with either of them. They make our life so much easier. We have heard some bad stories people have had with their helpers but honestly we have had no problems at all.

Posted : 18/11/2022 3:15 pm