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Sending real Xmas cards

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It's still nice to receive a real card to open, especially for the Nanny's and Grandads back home.

It's not easy to do from Pattaya. Firstly there isn't a great selection of cards to choose from, secondly Thai post and thirdly Thai post!  Expensive to send registered, takes a long time and often goes missing!

There is a great solution!  We use a UK company called Thortful (link at bottom). You visit their online store, choose a card, choose what to write, choose the font (they have great ones that look like handwriting!), you can even choose some small gifts like chocolates or biscuits to be included.
Make your purchase and the company sends it through the post to whoever you want to send it to.

It's a lovely way to get a real traditional card through the post.  I know my own children always feel it is special to receive an actual card through the mail.

Another thing I like about this service is that it's a great platform for artists and creators who can display their work.  There are some fantastic creations and everything is well categorised, e.g funny, cute, traditional, nature etc

I first heard about this company when a friend sent me a birthday card from them.  My friend is in the UK and she used the company to send the birthday card out to me in Thailand - so they will send anywhere in the world.

Just wanted to share the info as I know fellow expat families in particular have loved ones back home they may want to send a Christmas card to this year 😍

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Posted : 25/11/2022 6:18 am
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Nice tip!

The first Christmas we arrived I went to the post office in November to send some cards back home to Ireland.  Normal post was about 70baht a card, but there was no tracking and delivery was expected within 3-4 weeks!
I asked how much to add tracking and it was 1,000baht per card!
I sent them regular post. Most did actually arrive but a few went astray.

Posted : 26/11/2022 11:18 am
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Nice suggestion

Posted : 06/12/2022 11:59 am