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You don't have to attend a school to get iGCSE's, or even A levels.
The British Council in Bangkok offer a large selection of iGCSE examinations held twice each year (usually May and November).
Any individual over the age of 13 can register and sit the exam(s) of their choice.

Payment is made directly the to the British Council upon registration and the exam must be sat at the British Council location in Bangkok.

This is a great resource for homeschoolers!  Students can study at their own pace and sit the exam when they are ready.  If they do not perform as well as they had hoped they can simply resit the exam (you have to pay exam fee again).

The drawbacks are that exam-only subjects are offered - nothing with coursework like art or DT.

However the freedom to learn at your own pace, choose your own set of iGSCE's entirely (schools only offer 3 choices on top of mandatory subjects), plus sit the easier ones for you before the age of 16 are great advantages.  Not to mention not having to pay international school fees for the 2 year iGCSE programme which will cost anywhere for 150k - 2million baht!

Many homeschoolers find choosing 2 subjects to study at age 12-13 and getting them 'under your belt' first, after which choosing another 4-8 subjects so that by age 16 you have a good group of iGCSE's to take you to the next level of education.

A levels can then be taken in the same way at the British Council too.

Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 13/11/2022 12:22 pm
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