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Odyssey Homeschool Co-op programme offer assisted homeschooling to families in Pattaya. You can choose to attend 1, 2 or 3 days per week.

Posted : 20/11/2022 6:45 am
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Wow, this is an awesome addition for Pattaya education options!  I wish it had been available when I was homeschooling my daughter.
Would be great for anyone who has joined this group to post their experience here for others to hear about.
As an active homeschooler we had several groups set up to cover the group work areas of learning.  I always hoped a school would step into the space to offer some hybrid learning of school time and home learning. Alas the schools (in Pattaya) I approached were not open to the idea (at that time).
I really do believe we will see more hybrid learning being created which will only benefit out little learners even more.  Covid taught us a lot about what is right and wrong/good and bad with schools, homeschools and online learning.
Personally I believe a more integrated approach is the best option for most young learners.

Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 20/11/2022 6:54 am