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UK online school - King's InterHigh

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InterHigh is a UK based online school offering a full British education for ages 7-18 since 2005.
Recently merging with another online school, they are now called King's InterHigh.

They offer primary, secondary and 6th form education and exams. Students can be located any where in the world. However, the lessons are all live and so you must make space for the 6/7 hour time difference!

Studying with King's InterHigh online school will mean your Pattaya based child has access to truly native English, British trained teachers which is a definite bonus for bilingual children whose mother tongue is Thai.

Unlike when Pattaya schools moved online because of Covid, King's InterHigh delivers online school in a much more innovative and user-friendly way.
Brick and Mortar schools tended to just shift their existing timetables to video call and thus children were required to sit at a table for 5, 6, 7+ hours per day participating in lessons.

At King's InterHigh (and other professional online schools), the online face time is kept to a healthy minimum and used as a support tool rather than 1 teacher talking in front of 10+ students.
Video call time is useful for group work and presentation (student to the teacher or class, not teacher to the student), but there is nothing more boring than watching a screen with a teacher conducting an entire traditional type class via live video.

King's InterHigh will provide your child with a fully complete education at primary, secondary and sixth form.
Prices are approx 120,000baht per year for primary and 200,000baht per year at the GCSE and A level stages (which includes the exam fees)

If you are studying in Pattaya you can create a co-op of sorts and schedule online time to be conducted with other online school users. Invite them to your home and the students can study together and then when their classes are over can engage in group work or discussion.

Because Thailand is 6 or 7 hours ahead of the UK (depending on the time of year), Pattaya students will have most of the daylight hours free to engage in sports, activities, friendship, hobbies etc before starting classes around 4pm.

Have you used King's InterHigh?  Please share your experiences in the reply section so other families and parent can benefit.

Posted : 06/12/2022 3:07 pm
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I first used Inter High (before it merged with King's) back in 2009 for some of my home schoolers. It was a very good experience and very professionally run.  It gave many home school families the peace of mind that everything was being covered by 'proper' teachers.

What I loved about it was the timetable which allowed students at all ages to pick and choose subjects on top of their core ones (Math, English, Science).
This enabled a super efficient use of time, allowing students to be empowered and focused with their own subject choices rather than having to sit through something that would be pretty useless to them. Not to mention the time saved from sheer organisation of students into classes, going to lunch, settling down etc.

When covid happened I withdrew my child from her international school in Pattaya and enroled her for 3 terms with Interhigh. There was far more actual learning going on and not having to arrive at a screen for 7:45am or be present for online PE!

Back to the homeschoolers....being free in the daylight hours was great for activities. We ran plenty of sports and extra-curricula meet ups during the day as classes would often only start at 4pm.
If I recall there was only 3-4 hours of actual online screen time per day, with some days far less (about 2 hours). I think it totaled about 15 hours per week.

Great experience and a nice half-way into those who want to homeschool but worry about a solid education.
Also fantastic for any child who has a super interest which requires them to be more available during the day.
We had an actor who often needed to be on set or off to auditions. InterHigh was a perfect match for him in particular.

Don't let school get in the way of your child's education!

Posted : 06/12/2022 3:18 pm
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