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Expat Family with 2 under 5's + teen

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Hi everyone. British expat family here with 3 bundles of trouble 🙂

I wanted to write here to say Hi and hope it encourages others to start using this place.
I know for us as a family we always have questions about whats going on in Pattaya and how best to provide activites/schooling/holidays and everything for our children.
Even after living here for nearly 5 years we still look for new information. Pattaya is changing so much, especially now that Covid is over.

If you read this post then please write your own and help build this community.
Maybe you can help our family with our questions, especially about pre-school education that is affordable and also any youth groups for our young teen. Something like a community centre/youth group outside of the school circle...?

If you need any info about nutrition, drones or expat life without the Golden Expat salary package then fire away!

Posted : 06/12/2022 9:19 am
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Welcome Oaky...is that a British Oak tree?!

Thank you very much for sharing your info here in the Members Introduction area, and for helping us build the community with your call-out to others to share too.

3 bundles of 'trouble' sounds like a joy - especially at this time of year.

In regards to your teen, I haven't heard of any youth clubs, but there are plenty of after school groups. If she is keen on drama then Odyssey Learning Centre has a theatre/drama group which meets every Friday evening at their campus on the Horseshoe Point 5:30-7pm.  Its for ages 12+ so may suit her age group.

Once again, Welcome and Thank You from Pattaya Parent!

Posted : 06/12/2022 9:29 am
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Welcome Oaky! Nice to see a fellow Pattaya family helping to build this community.
In regards to the youth group, it's a great idea. I hope some providers can read these posts and hear what we need. They should lurk here and get good business ideas!

BTW aren't your 3 'bundles or trouble' actually your little acorns?!

Nice to meet you here and I hope we can attract more.

Posted : 06/12/2022 11:19 am