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Pattaya Parent visited the British Learning Centre (BLC) to see what this new addition to education in Pattaya is all about.

BLC is a tuition centre, offering extra tuition (evenings and weekends) in English, Math, Science and other languages.
It was founded by British expat Ashley Bignall. As a teacher himself he was aware of the need for solid academic support to help students with their school studies.

BLC offer classes after school and at weekends, plus a whole array of holiday camps and workshops depending upon the needs and interests of the child.

BLC has students from all the international schools in Pattaya, including Regents, Rugby, Tara Pattana and more.  This is testament to the reality that sometimes schools cannot cater to individual tailored learning.
Some students visit BLC because there are gaps in their learning which they need help addressing, or they need some extra help to keep up with the school curriculum. Other students attend because they choose to leap ahead or gain a more thorough understanding of some subjects, or even because they want to study for an extra iGCSE that is not available at the school.

BLC is very conveniently located on the close to Tara Pattana, soi Siam Country Club and Nerplubwan.
There are several classrooms of various sizes. Students can have private 1 on 1 tuition, or work in a group depending upon their needs.

All the teachers are professional and British qualified, and all the academic material is from the British National Curriculum.

Evening and weekend classes are divided into 2 age groups; ages 4-9 and 9+. Classes are for 1 hour and cost between 500-600baht per hour depending on package.

Private 1 on 1 classes are priced at 1,399 – 1,699baht per hour depending upon package.

During our visit Ashley showed us the different class spaces which are happy looking spaces with a welcoming yet professional feel about them. No stark walls and cold strict tables and chairs! The space feels warm and friendly and the students engaged fully with their teacher.

BLC offers something quite unique in Pattaya; a professional, affordable and friendly space for young learners to focus and develop a strong understanding of the British Curriculum subjects so that they can get the most out of their school education.

No matter how accommodating a schoolteacher is, many students lack the confidence to ask their questions in a class setting of 15+ students.  They feel shy or embarrassed to put their hand up and admit that they don’t understand or that the teacher is going too fast.
By having a small group tuition class, the student feels more relaxed and able to tell the BLC tutor exactly where they are having difficulty and what they do not understand. They also get more opportunity to practise a task more times which will consolidate the learning.

Some students benefit from extra tuition throughout the entire school term, and others only need short bursts to tackle a specific challenge.

Ashley has a wealth of knowledge about tuition and the British Curriculum, so if you feel that your child could benefit from tuition but would like to ask more questions then Ashley is a great resource to answer all your questions and recommend which tuition may benefit your child the most.

Call: 084 090 5572


Facebook: BLC FB page

Posted : 02/12/2022 1:54 pm
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BLC are offering a winter camp Dec 19-23rd. Admin have posted in the Camps forum.

Posted : 02/12/2022 2:24 pm